About Us

Oregon Hill Farms first began sharing its delicious natural fruit products with local farmers and townspeople in 1987 and have since become a national producer of gourmet fruit products. Our company has experienced growth and has expanded the product line while maintaining the same made-in-the-kitchen quality and old fashioned appeal which has gained acceptance in the gourmet foods industry.

Oregon is blessed with fertile soils, temperate winters with heavy rainfall and mild, sunny summers which create ideal fruit growing conditions. The Pacific Northwest is famed for producing especially plump, delicious fruits. We use only the very best and freshest fruit available from local farms in the Willamette Valley and Washington.

Oregon Hill Farms produces gourmet quality, all-natural fruit jams, preserves, syrups, and old-fashioned apple butter. Our low sodium, gluten-free Northwest Style BBQ Sauce is a masterful blend of hearty, healthful, natural ingredients.

Each of our products is made with real sugar and all natural ingredients. We use genuine ingredients, adding nothing artificial - no low quality fructose corn syrups, preservatives, colors, gums, or thickening agents. Our sauces are low sodium and gluten-free. We cook in small batches, ensuring the highest quality control and fresh-picked flavor. All of our products are free of harmful ingredients reflecting the extra attention and taste of healthy-for-you premium ingredients. Ensuring the authenticity and purity of our facility and products, we became a Kosher certified facility in 2011.

Today Oregon Hill products are available throughout the country in specialty markets, gourmet grocery stores, and an on-line store for your convenience. For restaurants, hospitals, and other large establishments we offer our products in food service size.

Oregon Hill Farms has grown larger, but we are still the same family-run company offering top-notch customer service and the finest gourmet fruit products and sauces. We hope you enjoyed learning about our company history and our superb line of products! Growth and new products are on the horizon!!

Member of the Agri-Business Council of Oregon